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PBII in gesprek met Producent

PBII in gesprek met Producent

PBII is in gesprek met een theaterproducent over het realiseren van een 1000Wishes voorstelling in aangepaste vorm. Lees verder

1000Wishes: a unique project for a good cause
1000Wishes: een uniek project met een sympathiek doel
For our new music project, PBII (a progressive rock band from The Hague) once again focusses on a social issue. This time we've chosen the Stichting KiKa (“Kinderen Kankervrij” – Cancer-free children's foundation). We call the project 1000Wishes and it includes a rock opera, a music CD and an eponymous book. The lyrics of the rock opera and the CD are based on the story of nine-year old Eric who bravely enters into battle with cancer. A story about courage and victory. Collaborating with us on the project are the Vereniging Hofstad Jeugdorkest (VHJO — The Hague youth symphony association) and the author Ronald van der Pol. Taking place in early 2013, this promises to be an excellent musical project serving a good and worthwhile cause. The principal objective of this initiative is to raise money for the Stichting Kika through the proceeds of the rock opera and the sale of the CD and book. To ensure that profits actually do end up at Stichting Kika, we have established the Toekomstmuziek foundation.
The main sponsor for the 1000Wishes project
foto: Marga Kollen
Hoofdsponsor voor 1000Wishes project
We have recently signed a sponsorship agreement with Volkswagen Pon Financial Services. Subsequently they have become the sponsor of our unique music project — making it possible to fulfil our dreams.

Volkswagen Pon Financial Services will finance the development costs of the project, and they will contribute to the recording of the CD and the production of the book. We also plan to organise a special rock opera in honour of their 10th anniversary.

Egon van Geenhuizen, president of the board of directors of Volkswagen Pon Financial Services reports the following on behalf of his colleagues: “1000Wishes is a unique musical project for a good cause to which a large number of people have selflessly and enthusiastically contributed. This includes a number of our colleagues who helped draw attention to this unique initiative. As the main sponsor we were very enthusiastic about the project from the start and would like to contribute to its success. Through our sponsorship, a special rock opera for employees and clients will be able to be organised. PBII and the Hofstad Jeugdorkest are collaborating without charge.”

Mr. Van Geenhuizen continues: “During our discussions with PBII, we have been struck by their unbridled enthusiasm and the inspiration that exudes from this initiative. The band members, the youth orchestra, the dancers and other stakeholders inspire each other to make the rock opera a grand spectacle. We have also been inspired and that's why, as main sponsor, we're happy to contribute to the 1000Wishes project.”
The Hofstad Jeugdorkest, conducted by Marcel Geraeds
Hofstad Jeugdorkest onder leiding van Marcel Geraeds
Naturally for a band from The Hague, it's an obvious choice to work with an orchestra from The Hague. That’s why we chose the renowned Vereniging Hofstad Jeugdorkest (VHJO). This orchestra is conducted by Marcel Geraeds. Marcel, the executive committee and the supporters of the orchestra have expressed great willingness to contribute to this project. We will record a CD with the orchestra, and there are plans for one or more grand gala concerts.
The book "Eric - en het land van 1000 wensen" (Eric - and the land of 1,000 wishes)
Het boek Eric - en het land van 1000 wensen
Ronald van der Pol author of books such as "Het Groene Huis" (The Green House). After reading an interview with Ronald in the progressive rock magazine (iO pages), PBII approached him to participate in their latest project. They asked him to write a book based on an idea of PBII bassist, Alex Elswijk. The result was “Eric - en het land van 1000 wensen,” a story about struggle, courage and friendship.
KiKa (Kinderen Kankervrij - Cancer-free children)
KiKa (Kinderen Kankervrij - Cancer-free children)
KiKa (Kinderen Kankervrij – Cancer-free children) raises funds that benefit the seven children's cancer clinics in the Netherlands. Emma Kinderziekenhuis AMC Amsterdam, UMC Groningen, Koningin Beatrix Kinderkliniek, Willem-Alexander Kinder- en Jeugdcentrum Leiden, UMC St. Radboud Kinderziekenhuis Nijmegen, ErasmusMC - Sophia Kinderziekenhuis in Rotterdam, VU medisch centrum in Amsterdam, Wilhelmina Kinderziekenhuis Utrecht. The proceeds from Kika's fund-raising enables research which allows children's cancer clinics to provide therapies for improved treatment and recovery. Less pain and struggle. And more recovery and quality. This is why KiKa asks for your support. Because children with cancer would rather be well yesterday than today.
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Main sponsor:
volkswagen pon financial services

Although Volkswagen Pon Financial Services is quite a mouthful, they are a major player in financial services. Volkswagen and Pon form the basis of this organisation. They provide the foundation of a broad range of financial services.

The group is comprised of DFM, Volkswagen Bank, Volkswagen Leasing, DutchLease and EasyRent. Together they cover the entire chain of financing, insurance and leasing for car dealers, car-fleet managers, small businesses and private individuals.

Volkswagen Pon Financial Services is always available from the moment the car arrives at the importer to the time that the owner wants to replace their much-loved vehicle Website: www.vwpfs.nl

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